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I have a big data in myisam so a table's disk space is got full

so Can I Record Limit on MyISAM Table?

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What do you mean by "record limit"?

Do you mean "record the limit" or "limit the number of records"?

I'll assume the latter.

I believe the size of a MyISAM table is limited by the maximum filesize supported by the filesystem and the operating system. If your filesystem is limited to 2GB files, you can probably switch to a filesystem that supports larger files. You should probably consider changing the database back-end to InnoDB if your table sizes are approaching the limits.

The best approach may be to periodically check your database using myisamchkand take appropriate actions. I note it has this option

--data-file-length=len, -D len
Maximum length of the data file (when re-creating data file when it is “full”).

The MySQL documentation for full-tables says

To change the default size limit for MyISAM tables, set the myisam_data_pointer_size, which sets the number of bytes used for internal row pointers. The value is used to set the pointer size for new tables if you do not specify the MAX_ROWS option. The value of myisam_data_pointer_size can be from 2 to 7. A value of 4 permits tables up to 4GB; a value of 6 permits tables up to 256TB.


MySQL includes a MERGE library that enables you to handle a collection of MyISAM tables that have identical structure as a single MERGE table. See Section 13.3, “The MERGE Storage Engine”.

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Nail right on the head !!! +1 !!! – RolandoMySQLDBA Jun 18 '11 at 22:38

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