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I run a proxy DNS & proxy service but today I encountered a very strange problem which I couldn't solve.

One of my clients recently moved to a new location which has a different router setting. For some reason, her Mac OS X will not be able to use proxy nor custom DNS setting. I'm not familiar with Mac OS and I was doing remote diagnosis so it was difficult.

First is custom dns server > No Go The system will not use my DNS server even though it was set explicit under Network > DNS. Under DNS, it has and two other greyed out DNS servers. Under the 3 grey out IPs, there are my DNS server IP which are black. Normally, this setting should override the greyed out IP and use the black IP.

Then I tried to set up the system to use my proxy > No go again. We tried system wide setting under Network > Proxies. We also tried Firefox proxy. Again, these settings seem to have no effect.

I'm VERY confused. Does her router has the power to prevent custom DNS use and proxy use on individual system? She has no access to the router configuration in case you wonder. Is there any solution?

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Try apple.stackexchange.com –  Paul R Jun 17 '11 at 21:43
I'm confused. Tell us more about the network's topology. Is it a cable modem in a house, a corporate LAN, etc.? Also, using the program "Terminal" int he "Utilities" folder, have her type "netstat -rn". Then try to ping the default route and the DNS server. –  Data Scavenger Jun 25 '11 at 19:57

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