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I just created a cron task do a backup of a 10GB MySql file once every week. How do I test it?

Specifically it should run as the user, do the output email and error log of the cron task

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You can separate the testing of your script and cron-setup this way,

  1. Test your tool/script from the intended user login
    • verify that it works as expected (emails and logs, etc).
  2. Setup a trial run of issuing it 2 or three times in the next few minutes through cron
    • verify that the first run correctly as with expected results (similar to 1)
    • verify that the next runs continue to work correctly
      and don't get messed up with any effects of the past run
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Set it to run every minute, then see if it successfully runs one minute later. Once you have it working, set it back to run every week instead.

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Maybe this post helps: Serverfault Question 85893

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