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Is there anywhere that can provide a template for a server change request document?


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what kind of changes? What industr[y|ies]? The requirements for a small business will be vastly different than those surrounding a financial services company. –  warren Jun 19 '11 at 3:57

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Most of these that I've run into have depended a lot on the change-control process of the company in question. Approvals needed, details required, and suchlike all change from company to company. However, a good change-request form should have:

  • A description of what will be changed
  • A description of how this will affect functionality
  • Details about what testing has been done to verify this change is safe
  • Details about how to back out the change once it's in place (if possible)
  • Whatever documentation your approvals process requires

Somewhat more optional details:

  • Description of what conditions will trigger a backout
  • Details about why this change is needed
  • A risk-assessment surrounding doing this change versus not doing this change
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