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I am trying to password protect a web directory with apache. I have the site set up like this:


The .htaccess has:

AuthName "Authorization Required" 
AuthType Basic 
AuthUserFile D:\webapp\lib\.htpasswd
require valid-user

And the .htpasswd has:


When I try to access localhost/index.php in the browser I get a 500 error. The apache error log has this:

["date"] [crit] [client "ip"] configuration error:  couldn't check user.  Check your authn provider!: /admin/

I have googled but I can't figure out what this error means in the context of my server. Anyone know what's up? Also, it would solve my problem if someone had a simple method of using apache for authenticating a web directory on a windows server.

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Can the apache server (and the user it's running under) read D:\webapp\lib\.htpasswd? –  EightBitTony Jun 19 '11 at 19:11
Maybe not .. how can I check that in windows? –  Explosion Pills Jun 19 '11 at 20:07
Do any of these answers answer your question? (If so, please mark it as such ^_^) –  Limited Atonement Jun 19 at 12:48

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If it is not a permissions problem like Jim B suggested above (I also suspect that) you might not have loaded the authn module in Apache - mod_authn. I do not know how to do that in Windows but I am pretty sure if you google around you will find out how it's done.

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Doesn't seem like a permissions problem, but I'll look into this. Thanks. –  Explosion Pills Jun 19 '11 at 22:27

I think you have wrong auth-type (AuthType Basic) in your .htaccess, looking at your .htpasswd it tells me that the password is setup by htdigest & not htpasswd (correct me if I am wrong) and hence the configuration error.

To solve this, try the following .htaccess info & the problem should go away:

AuthName "Authorization Required" 
AuthType Digest
AuthUserFile D:\webapp\lib\.htpasswd
require valid-user

But I would suggest you to use the above method, since the password is transmitted inMD5 Digestin the network whereasAuthType Basic` transfer the password in a clean text.

But, if you insist to have AuthType Basic then, try the following .htaccess:

AuthName "Authorization Required" 
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile D:\webapp\lib\.htpasswd
require valid-user

& create the htpassword from following link:

and update your .htpasswd file.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try but I don't think this is the problem since I'm getting a 500 instead of just a bad password. –  Explosion Pills Jun 21 '11 at 13:20

I haven't done this on Windows, but try to enable the auth_digest module in your httpd.conf file by uncommenting this line in it, if it's commented out. I know it's disabled by default:

LoadModule auth_digest_module modules/
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Oh, I didn't notice that. Okay, then I would go to the httpd.conf file and try to find a line with this and uncomment it if it's commented out: LoadModule auth_digest_module modules/ Not sure as I run on Linux, but in theory this should work. –  pkout Mar 25 '13 at 20:19

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