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My client needs to improve the performance of their WAN. They have three sites spread som 600 km apart with roughly 400 users per site. It's mainly a Microsoft environment.

Today they are using Windows XP clients and Windows Server 2003 (and some 2008 R2)

They have done a pilot with a 3rd party WAN accelerator and performance increase was good but it did not work as transparently as they wished for.

Since this is a Microsoft shop I want to recommend them to upgrade clients to Windows 7 and servers to Windows Server 2008 R2 and enable branche cache.

But I have no experience of my own with branchecache and thus I am asking everyone here at ServerFault, what is your experience of using Microsoft BranchCache to optimize WAN performance?

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It looks like BranchCache caches web and file content. Is that going to be enough? What about email, databases, etc.? – joeqwerty Jun 20 '11 at 10:39

Why not also consider a branchcache pilot for some additional custom fitting and analysis?

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