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I am comfortable with web page development and PHP, but have always used an FTP and a live public domain for testing. I'm lucky enough to have a very fast internet connection and this has worked out fine. I just set up EasyPHP though as a local server. After being shown Opera Unite, I became interested in setting up a public server with my computer. I know that EasyPHP is not "ideal" for doing this, and I know that doing this for any seriously used website is infeasible. However I know that it is possible, and would greatly appreciate some help in doing it, either with EasyPHP or another set up I'm unaware of.

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If you want to create your own server, either as a VM, or on physical hardware, Ubuntu Server has a LAMP-in-a-box option:

"Install LAMP Server"

This gets you a box pretty similar to what you'd expect to have in your hosting environment.

If you want to stay on Windows, consider XAMPP.

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The sky is the limit here. Just remember that ISP's might block certain traffic or ports due to your being on a consumer connection. Have you set up a dynamic DNS service so you can follow your test box when your IP address changes? I use and have had good luck with them. Then go ahead and set up Apache or whatever you want to test and plug away. I think you will find it an invaluable learning tool.

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