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I am looking to boot Linux (Ubuntu, Gentoo, and some others) over the network. I already have a Windows Server 2008 R2 machine running a few programs including Windows Deployment Services. This is set so I can install Windows over the network.

I basically want to use any Linux ISO and it will be able to run it over the network. I don't want to install Linux, only boot. E.g. the Ubuntu live CD.

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The DHCP server is providing the PXE client with PXE boot parameters - mainly a TFTP server IP address and an image filename to load. Your Windows Server system would by default provide the clients with the WDS bootstrap for Windows installations.

There is a way to change this behavior for particular clients by using wdsutil /set-device. Setting the image name to a pxelinux bootstrap and configuring your network boot environment for Linux should enable live booting for Linux. You probably would want an NFS server as well.

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