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I have one chance to install this in my server on site. Server that i am running is CentOS 5.6 (Dell R310, RAID1) where i need to install alsa-sound driver so that anything related to audio recording from rtsp is working (rail station/rail passing video recording including audio, where audio is not working).

Unfortunately i do not have any kind of internet in that odd none human location so yum will not work for me.

I need a offline way to install alsa drivers including missing dependencies if arise. What and where i can download this to my usb or cd? so that i can successfully install it (like mission complete).


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Well if you have access to a machine which does have internet connectivity and access to a yum repository containing a driver package which you know works then you should be able to download it and all it's dependencies using yumdownloader and repoquery:

yumdownloader <package-name>
yumdownloader `repoquery --requires --resolve <package-name>`

should do the trick I think. Then on the disconnected machine you can install the whole lot:

yum localinstall *.rpm
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