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I created an svn repository on my other Linux installation. I'm a newbie and served the whole Netbeans project folder in that repo. I now decided to keep source files in a directory and keep the SVN repository root in another path. The problem is I don't know / can't imagine how to add the sources folder to a new repository by not disrupting its current revision number. Let me demonstrate it:

old repo:

/home/username/Desktop/SVN --> repository path

/home/username/NetbeansProjects/prj --> imported by "svn import ..." and developed further

new repo (the one I want to accomplish on my new Linux installation):

/home/username/Desktop/SVN/prj --> repository path

/home/username/Desktop/KOD/prj --> I want to serve old repo's /home/username/NetbeansProjects/prj/src/prj/* from this path (which is @ rev 31)

Any help is appreciated..

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Don't edit the word "Solved" into the title. Mark the correct answer, this is a Q&A site, not a forum. Please see the FAQ for more details. – Chris S Jun 21 '11 at 19:46

You need to dump the old repo into a file and then import the file into the new repo:

svnadmin dump /home/username/Desktop/SVN > svn.dump

svnadmin load /home/username/Desktop/SVN/prj < svn.dump

You can also keep your dump file as a backup is something goes wrong. You can also just copy the directory if you will use the same version of SVN in both servers. SVN Dump is version independent.

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I am trying to get the files only under /home/username/NetbeansProjects/prj/src/prj/*. – kRm Jun 21 '11 at 19:33
As it seems, I will have to go through all my understanding of svn. Thanks, ghm1014. – kRm Jun 21 '11 at 19:40
@kRm After you import the dump, you can always remove resources from the repo that you don't need. And svn is certainly an application where understanding is key ;). – Dana the Sane Sep 26 '11 at 15:30

I've had a similar problem. I've googled really a lot and found out there are no tools able to rename files directly in dump and there's no way to make svnadmin load to rename files. Because I have a small repo I did that manually with vim: just replaced Node-path: trunk/very/log/path/to/project/directory to Node-path: trunk/directory

P.S. my dump is SVN-fs-dump-format-version: 2

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