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I want to measure performance of my server. The architecture is Apache2 talking to Tomcat over mod_jk. Requests are over HTTPS with mutual authentication. The client does not reuse connections, therefore I believe a new SSL session is established for each transaction.

If I configure Apache to log %D in mod_log_config, does that duration include the time spent doing SSL, including the TLS handshake? If not, how do I measure that part of the transaction?

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You can try doing some stress test with JMeter for an end to end test. Also enable some monitoring options in Tomcat like jmxremote.

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Yes, of course I can measure the transaction on the client cide, but I want to eliminate the network overhead. And %D already gives more accurate numbers than measuring inside Tomcat. – ykaganovich Jun 21 '11 at 20:22

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