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I have four different cluster running in our enviroment. Cluster is runing in active/passive mode. All cluster services account is a domain user account. cluster services is running as same account on all cluster server. We have to change the password of cluster account. Please suggest the step.

Thanks in advance Regards Jagdish

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I'll assume you are talking about Windows failover clustering, but it would be nice to tell it... – Massimo Jun 22 '11 at 7:03

Change the password on the domain.

Then log onto each cluster and change the password on those machines, and restart the cluster service.

This'll require a shutdown of all the services being controlled by the cluster.

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You need to change the password on the service user account and then modify the cluster service configuration on each server to use the new password.

  • Change the service account password; you can do this by either logging on to any domain computer using the cluster service account, or by using the "reset password" function of the Active Directory Users and Computers console.
  • Change the cluster service configuration on each node; log on to the node, go to the Services console, edit the properties of the cluster service and fill in the new password in the "log on as" section.
  • Restart the cluster service on each node to make it pick up the new settings; this will cause service interruption, so either make a manual failover of the cluster resources, or schedule this during non-working hours, or both.
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