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I am trying to solve some email issues that I am currently experiencing. I work for this company that periodically sends out emails from Taiwan, and it is CC'ed to 2 email accounts, my work email (in the US) and to one that is hosted by 1&1 server (not sure where is this located).

The problem is the emails received on the 1&1 server, specifically from Taiwan, are delayed 1-2 days, and are sent in groups of 2 or more at once instead of one-by-one as they come in. Meanwhile, I am receiving it at my work email just fine and on time. I've tried sending test emails to the 1&1 email address, and it is received immediately.

I have checked with both Taiwan side and 1&1 side, and they both say they are not experiencing problems / delays. Can anyone help me solve this mystery? Where else can I look into?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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