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I have a Supermicro X9SCA-F serverboard and I'm trying to secure Super Doctor III IPMI by using SSL. I generated my own certs (done this many times before), uploaded via the web interface, then it said it needed to restart & I clicked OK, but it never came back up. Right now it's not listening on port 80 or 443 it seems. I also power cycled the box a few times (shutting down & physically removing power for 5 mins), but that didn't seem to help either. Before I did this, it was working fine, so I'm not sure what may have happened?

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I wound up resetting the IPMI interface by downloading the IPMI tools for Linux from Supermicro's website, making a bootable linux USB drive & copying the tools over to them, booting to it, & issuing ./ipmicfg-linux.x86.static -fd. This has to be done from the server/workstation directly.

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