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I run a website in a VPS that is powered by parallels virtuozzo (and integrates with the plesk panel running on it I guess).

Now, I've decided to mount some external storage, using cloud providers and FUSE or WebDAV etc.

The thing is, that it doesn't seem possible. Even if I install everything on my centos, modules dont get loaded, can't be compiled, lsmod shows nothing, modprobe does not work - it seems that I can't touch the kernel to load the fuse module for example. I don't know really how it's supposed to work with virtuozzo - maybe the module is already loaded but I can't see any modules. Another problem: fuse: failed to open /dev/fuse: Permission denied. (I've already tryed adding the root user to fuse group, although that shouldn't be needed but no changes)

Is this behavior normal? I'm now guessing it is, but would like some confirmation and ideas about how I can mount an remote filesystem - if possible at all.

I will open a ticket with my vps provider but I'd like to have as much info as possible beforehand.

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