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When you open up the 'Network' window on windows, and you see computers and or network shares for the workgroup, well, I accidentally input the wrong username / password for the computer it is connecting to, and I can't seem to change the username \ password and or reset it.

On the LAN, I have a linux box using samba, all permissions are correct, since the the vista box can log in just fine and access whatever, however, on the vista box, I checked 'always remember' the username/password, and now I can't change that to another account I need to change it to.

I have been searching for hours, and can't seem to find the answer.

I did try to disable the account on the linux side, and that did work, however, then, it says 'access denied', with no way to enter a new username / password!

Anyone have a clue on how to fix this ?

***edit: Finally found the answer.

In the cmd prompt, (admin rights), do control userpasswords2 then hit Advanced tab and finally, the Manage Passwords button.

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In the command prompt, do control userpasswords2, then Advanced, and then Manage Passwords

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