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How do I make a user account using useradd and give the user access to only the dir where he can just read write files. The user when login goes to this base dir I provide and cannot access anything else on the system.Thanks

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A typical user already behaves almost in this fashion -- that is, if you create a user with useradd, that user will only be able to write files in their home directory (and in a few other locations such as /tmp and /var/tmp).

You can't meaningfully prevent them from having read access in a number of places -- for example, the user needs read access to files and directories like /usr/bin. You can substantially limit what is visible to the user by having them run in a chroot environment, but this can be tricky to set up.

You're much better off ensuring that data that shouldn't be visible to arbitrary users is protected by the appropriate permissions.

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Rather than setting up a chroot a simpler solution may be to use a restricted shell (such as rbash). See and .

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