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Once upon at time there was the free SGE from Sun. tricky to install and configure, but functional and free.

Now we've got:

  1. open source packages on Ubuntu that don't quite work out of the box (details on request).
  2. the actual source behind them, with a build process that depends on the c-shell and other obsolescences, available from two competing locations.
  3. a commercial packaging from Oracle
  4. a commercial package from Univa

What I am really wishing for is something with the basic capabilities of this that is simple to install and maintain. Heck, I'd take a front-end to hadoop that just queues and distributes simple shell-script-defined jobs.

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Was Torque one of the non-working packages from point 1? If not, that's where I'd start. If so, I don't recall it being that hard to set up a few years back, but opinions may vary. More advanced queuing, resource reservations, etc. would require something like Cluster Resources' Maui scheduler on the server side. The client side can still use Torque for job submission and such.

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No. Torque is a fine and I didn't know about it until about an hour ago. Pity that natty includes an apparently busted pbs_sched, forcing me to fight with maui. – bmargulies Jun 25 '11 at 0:42

Personally, I like LSF, but it's not cheap. Well, it wasn't before IBM bought out Platform. I doubt it's any cheaper. There is/was a free version called Lava that was limited to 512 nodes (GPL License). There seems to be a fork of it called openlava (hopefully without the node limit).

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