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I'm sitting behind a ton of routers that I don't control, and I'm wondering whether there is any wamp plugin service Preferably free, that would offer software that would relay wamp to the internet through in example service.com/your-specific-wamp-relay-account.

The reason I'm askin is that I would like to make my local development environment accessible to my partners, so they can see and try out what I've been doing.

Thank you

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There's a service (that recently launched) called ShowOff.IO that probably does what you're asking for: https://showoff.io/ Haven't tried it myself, though.

It's built in Ruby, click on Support to learn how to install it on Windows.

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that looks like it's excactly what I'm looking for - Thank you! –  Jakob Jun 24 '11 at 10:31

One solution would be to offer VPN access to your partners, this way they will access your server as if they were on your local network.

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