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I have a server behind NAT, which I want to be able to access from the internet. I want to do it over ipv6. I guess my question falls into two:

  1. I don't think teredo is working on it. I have ethernet adapter ipv6 set to automatic, however I don't think there connectivity is there. So, how do I enable teredo to get a publicly accessible ipv6 address?

  2. Is it possible to claim a static address in teredo, so that every time I connect the address stays the same?

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not really. teredo is sort of like nat - you can access IPV6, but the address, iirc is link local. performance is terrible to boot.

Its probably simpler to get a tunnel, and set that up - gogo6 definately works behind a nat, for example.

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Teredo works fine, only caveat is DNS will not use it, you must use literal IPv6 addressing. – Steve-o Aug 25 '11 at 3:42

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