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I have three sites on my server and their logs (Apache logs) are in their root folder not in /var/log. I need a script that rotates the access_log and error_log base on their file size for example rotates them when their file size exceeds 1G .

Server's OS is Ubuntu.

I have a basic skill of shell programing but good talent in learing ;) would you help me in this issue?

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logrotate can be configured tn only rotate when logs exceed a certain size, see the minsize option. Typically logrotate runs daily though, if you wanted to rotate when the logfile was more or less exactly 1GB, you might need a script which watches the logfile and triggers logrotate when it exceeds your limit.

Alternatively, you could stick with daily rotation of smaller logfiles, but have a postrotate script which concatenates the rotated logs together into 1GB clumps of data.

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You can use managelogs exactly for that.
It will automatically rotate the logs when the limit is reached.
It also has other neat features like directly writing to compressed files, keep a larger amount of archive files, etc.

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