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I have a cPanel installed on a CentOS server and it includes an old version of Mysql. Has anyone tried upgrading Mysql to 5.5 on a cPanel managed server? If so, I would really like some guidance. I read, on the cPanel forum, that it's not supported and one user complained, after manually upgrading his version of Mysql, cPanel automatically removed it, but that was a long time ago.

Also, I'm a newbie to Linux, so please forgive any dumb questions.

Help... Thanks.


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FYI, WHM 11.32 will support MySQL 5.5 officially http://vbtechsupport.com/1254/ :)


you can make with one just click from the WHM. I did that, and I had only but troubles the mysql server was freezing without any reason.

I've downgraded back to 5.1 even if the downgrade isn't officially supported by mysql