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Is there anyway to add RAID after the fact to an VHD install? I used this guideline to create the OS and everything seems to be working, EXCEPT I don't see my RAID 1 drive.

Thank you, Stephen

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It should pick up the drive just fine if you installed the HBA drivers. – Chris S Jun 26 '11 at 4:01
Guess that's the part I missed, is there a way to go add them after the fact? – Stephen Jun 26 '11 at 4:51

To add drivers to a VHD image:

  1. Mount the image on Win7 or Server2008 machine (Disk Management, right click the tree and attach the VHD; make sure it assigns a drive letter).
  2. Extract the drivers to someplace convenient, like c:\drivers; make sure the .inf file was extracted to that directory.
  3. Run dism /image:G:\ /add-driver /driver:C:\drivers\storage.inf
    Replace G: with the drive of the VHD file from #1.
    Replace the inf file with the file found in #2.
  4. Dismount (Find in Disk Management, right click drive, detach VHD)
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Although Chris S pointed me in the right direction, I was still unable to see the RAID with DISKPART on the server, so I gave the pnputil a try after reading this post

and that worked, DISKPART recognized the drive so I was home free. I in the process of creating VMs on the RAID 1 as I type this.

Regards, Stephen

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