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I purchased a domain at and tried it DNS and getting lots of errors and finally change my nameservers to my server DNS i.e. NS101.VPSLAND.COM and NS202.VPSLAND.COM and created a domain in my plesk panel (Marked DNS & Mail required). After adding my domain to my plesk panel of my server I opened DNS records of that domain and found DNS records are automatically generated to my needs as following / 24   PTR    CNAME  CNAME   A  A A    A    NS    A    MX (10)    A    CNAME

Finally I waited for a week for I am unable to use my domain. Also in DNS lookup I cannot find any records to my Server except name servers of VPSland. Do I need to add VPSland namesevers anywhere in Plesk panel? If so where? Can anyone assist me where the mistake is?...


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