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My development server hard drive crashed and i was running Microsoft sql server on it as my database. I was wondering if its possible to export the databases or copy the meta data? the only way i can see the files is through a live boot linux cd so where is the database files located on disk?

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Just restore from backup. You know, the copy of the important data that you make frequently so that you aren't relying on a single hard disk (which any system administrator knows are prone to failure over time). – Chris S Jun 27 '11 at 1:35
alternatively McDonalds is waiting ;) Serving burgers does not require backups. – TomTom Jul 6 '12 at 19:57

If you can mount the file system and navigate across the directory structure, then there is a chance that you can rescue things. Some steps to consider:

  1. Backing up the partition to another drive (GParted or any other partition utility)
  2. Boot the Windows installation media to a command prompt
  3. Run chkdsk against the partition/disk in question

If needed, there may be other 3rd party utilities which can automate the steps as well as include additional functionality to assist.

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