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Is there any utility / software which could periodically / scheduled copy / move / delete files over network or with hard drives?


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Windows Task Scheduler will allow you to setup very complex (or very basic) schedules to run scripts.

robocopy is a great tool which can do all sorts of file minipulations, it works well with UNC paths, copy and xcopy both require pushd and popd to map your shares to the Z:\ drive (typically not a problem, and xcopy may even do this automatically) but I find the flexibility and power of robocopy to be more useful. It is on Windows Vista / Server 2008 + by default, and a free download from microsoft for XP and Server 2003.

You can use powershell or windows command shell to call robocopy and make your copy / move / delete operations.

For example, save the following to a file called backup.bat :

robocopy \\server1\shareA\ \\server2\backups\shareA\ /MIR

This will copy everything on server1 that is in shareA to the backups share on server2 the /MIR switch says to mirror the changes, so deletes in shareA are also deleted in backups\shareA

Then, open the Task Scheduler, and configure it to run backup.bat file every night (or whatever schedule you need to make these copy / move / delete.

+1 nice detail. – Nixphoe Jun 27 '11 at 16:30
is there not any gui utility like fling – User4283 Jun 27 '11 at 16:41
RichCopy GUI is great tool according to its features. I'll try and update. – User4283 Jun 27 '11 at 17:30

You can use a batch file. Use xcopy and put it in your Scheduled Tasks


If you are looking for an app that does what you are looking for with a GUI type interface and no scripting/batch files, I used to use a program called Watch Directory. It was very good at doing simple file and folder monitoring and moving by specific rules. It's not a free app but your question does not mention that the app needs to be free. Nate's answer would be a good route for a DIY free solution.


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