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I created an email server hosted at IP with domain using which I can send and receive emails from all users and I don't have problem with any other except hotmail. That my emails are moving to Junk bin of hotmail. How to overcome this issue?

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You server/domain is probably missing some configurations that helps prove that you are not a spammer. Other mail servers have various checks in place to qualify what is spam and what is not. Many of these spam checks add details to the headers of an e-mail message which could clue you into what Hotmail may be flagging your e-mails on. I would recommend sending yourself an e-mail to a Hotmail address from your server and read through the headers (look for an option to view the message source when you have an e-mail message open).

A few examples of configurations that will cause such problems include the following:

  • IP address to your mail server is deemed as being dynamically addressed. Ensure your e-mail server has a static IP address assigned to it
  • Your IP address may not have a reverse DNS entry
  • Your IP address and/or domain may have been flagged for spamming in the past. Consider checking the various black lists out there to ensure your domain & IP address are in good standing. A site such as is a good tool for this. Keep in mind that Hotmail is a very big mail service provider and likely has their own spam protection rules and lists being maintained. The headers may reveal more information about this.
  • Do a check on your mail server to ensure all tests pass at . All though this isn't a definitive test for Hotmail, it may point out possible problems on how your mail server was configured.
  • Ensure SPF records are created for your domain.
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Spf AND senderid are important – 3molo Jun 28 '11 at 4:17
Hah! Good call. I just edited that in at the same time as you left the comment. – uzzi09 Jun 28 '11 at 6:07
+1 for checking headers. If someone can't do this or don't understand why it's important then IMHO they shouldn't be operating an email server. – RobM Jun 28 '11 at 6:14
How about adding; send an email there to test spf/senderid/spamassassin/dkim/domainkeys – 3molo Jun 28 '11 at 6:20

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