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i currently use ARR (Application request routing) with a server farms of two server. My ARR is not currently setup with Host name affinity, but i would like to create a rewrite rule to redirect a specific web site request to a specific server in my web farm.

Is it possible ?


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Yes. When the ARR Server Farm is setup you can say 'yes' to create a new rule for you automatically, but then immediately rename the rule so that ARR doesn't continue to handle it. Otherwise if you make changes and later make a rule related change in ARR, it will blow away your tweaks.

Two good rules to use are {HTTP_HOST} for the domain name and {SERVER_ADDR} for the IP address. You can add conditions to the rules to catch only specific traffic.

I've put together a few blog and video blog posts on URL Rewrite that you may find useful: I haven't covered ARR+URL Rewrite yet, but they'll be coming soon too.

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