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Using IIS7 GUI, I have placed a 301 permanent redirection from billarga.com.au to billarga.com and left the other behaviours unchecked (want relative redirect). As soon as I apply the redirect on the .com.au, the same redirect appears for the .com domain. Why? I don't understand why changing one will do the same to the other. Has it got something to do with both using the same bindings? Each domain uses two bindings, one with www and the other without.

My aim is to condense all traffic and google listings to the one domain, but still be able to use the .com.au for appearance purposes in the url (for aussies).

Any help with this is appreciated!

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I found the solution. In IIS, I was using the the same destination path for both domain types. To separate the domains completely, I created a new folder in explorer called billarga.com.au. In IIS I then updated the basic settings for the .com.au to point to this new folder and set the 301 redirect again. This time the change worked independently. I'll leave this post here in case someone else is a dill like me and does the same thing. –  Rick Jun 29 '11 at 1:39
This is a common issue with IIS7. The benefit of having IIS making changes to the site's web.config has this drawback. I cover this in week 17 of my web pro series if you're curious to see more details on the configuration: dotnetslackers.com/articles/iis/… –  Scott Forsyth - MVP Jun 29 '11 at 13:31
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