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Hey can you tell me what the nameserver in the soa record is for?

name        ttl class rr    name-server email-addr  (sn ref ret ex min)    IN    SOA   **** (this nameserver). (
                              2003080800 ; sn = serial number
                              172800     ; ref = refresh = 2d
                              900        ; ret = update retry = 15m
                              1209600    ; ex = expiry = 2w
                              3600       ; min = minimum = 1h
; the following are also valid using @ and blank 
@               IN    SOA (
                IN    SOA (

so if I were to add 5 nameservers, and I put the first nameserver on soa, and this server was not working will the user go to the next nameserver?

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It's nothing to do with "the user", whoever that supposedly is. The MNAME field is primarily used to locate the IP address(es) to which Dynamic DNS Update messages are to be sent. Obviously the intermediate domain name in the field can map to more than one IP address.

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