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Having a file on /GET-cache/contact.html and requesting the URI /contact, with this directive, it works as expected:

if (-f $document_root/$request_method-cache$uri.html) {
  rewrite (.*) /GET-cache/$1.html break;

This one doesn't:

try_files $request_method-cache$uri.html @backend;

Using $document_root in the try_files directive doesn't work either (what I mean when I say it doesn't work is that the request gets passed up to the backend instead of nginx serving the static file).

Am I missing something?

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I think this is just a matter of not starting your check with a forward slash. Try this:

try_files /$request_method-cache$uri.html @backend;

Nginx applies each argument to try_files to the root directive. So if your root is /var/www then it'll check against var/wwwGET-cache/foo.html

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That was quick, thanks a lot! – Ivan Jun 29 '11 at 20:40

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