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I'm looking for a system monitoring service, a bit like New Relic, but for more the system itself than the ruby side of things.

i.e. something like Zabbix, but hosted like New Relic.

I wont something I can just drop an 'agent' on the servers, and then do all the config and monitoring and notifications on a nice slick 3rd party system.

So essential Zabbix Meats New Relic meets Pingdom.

Any ideas?


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Check out It's a hosted monitoring solution that might match what you're looking for.


Depending of what you want to monitor you may look at ip-label


AlertFox offers good free and paid WEB performance and availability monitoring. In this area it is much better than Zabbix, but it lacks the system monitoring features. So it depends what you need :)


Thanks Mike, But it's specifically the system level features I need. – Sevitz Jun 22 '09 at 9:36

I know several places host Silverback monitoring. Or did when we were looking at monitoring solutions a while back. It looks like they may have been eaten by Dell, and are now Dell Remote Monitoring?


Monitis is another option; I've had good experience with them in the past.


LogicMonitor provides configuration-free hosted monitoring of your network, servers, applications, and storage from one portal.

You don't have to know what needs to be monitored or how to write config scripts - it's all pre-configured for you.

How it works: • install a single agent on any shared Windows or Linux machine • add host names of systems you want monitored • agent collects data from those systems and sends to LogicMonitor servers in cloud • alerts are sent via email/sms from LogicMonitor servers (not from agent) to you • historical trending graphs show 1 year of data

You can start a free trial and be monitoring all your systems in 30 minutes:

share is hosted zabbix, pretty much exactly as you describe :)

product is officially closed – Marcel Oct 18 '14 at 9:48

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