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I have some virtual hard disks mounted on my company's web server, but any time I have to reboot it to install Windows Updates, I have to manually reattach the VHDs. I'm guessing there's no built-in way to tell the OS to persist VHD attachments across reboots, so is there a command line interface I can use to create a batch script that will reattach them on reboot? Or what is the best solution to this issue?

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diskpart is the command-line interface for managing VHDs (along with many other facets of the Windows disk subsystem).

For your specific question, put these lines in a file:

select vdisk file=<full path to VHD>
attach vdisk

and then run it with type <filename> | diskpart.

That said, there may well be a way to persist these connections, but I don't know of one.

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maybe diskparts automount enable command.

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