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Ok, So I am basically trying to get a home server pc up that will provide Domain name services, act as Mail server and web server. I have one static IP, well it's not officially static but hasn't changed in two years so I'll call it static.

I have done the following:

  1. Configured router NAT/virtual port forward UDP/TCP port 53 to the internal IP of my server, in adapter settings specified the manual settings: IP, gateway, Subnet: and loopback DNS:

  2. Using my public my public IP Checked using that port 53 is open and is not being blocked by my ISP. It can see services on this port.

  3. Registered Domain name (

  4. Updated whois database through the domain registrars site and registered NameServer names: and, both have been associated with my single public IP. (Waited 24 hours)

  5. Update the nameserver for primary secondary: (waited 24+ hours)

  6. Installed Server 2008 R2, install web server role and DNS role. Webserver works when I enter my public IP into browser of any PC/mobile, get IIS7 welcome page.

In DNS server:

Created new forward lookup zone:

;  Database file for zone.
;      Zone version:  10

@                       IN  SOA (
                                10           ; serial number
                                900          ; refresh
                                600          ; retry
                                86400        ; expire
                                3600       ) ; default TTL

;  Zone NS records

@                       NS
@                       NS

;  Zone records

@                       A
www                     A

The Domain name services will however not work, the whois database updated with etc. but when I type in my site name from an external machine it will not open site and I can't even ping it (Can't find host)

When I check the NS record using a tool Like:

I get:

Security: Server (XXX.XXX.XXX.XX <- my public IP) is recursive
Domain exists but there is no such record

Any ideas, thanks...

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(...shouldn't the @ & www records point to your public IP..?)

Is the DNS server actually running and servicing queries? If your server is in a domain the service will need to be 'authorised' (right click on it in the MMC -> 'Authorise') before it will start working properly. Is it answering local queries? Is it allowed out via NAT at your router and are DNS responses allowed back in?

Is your file being recognised properly? Are the records showing up in the MMC GUI?

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Thanks, you legend you! – LaserBeak Jun 30 '11 at 10:40

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