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I am logged in to an ftp server and want to find a particular directory within all the directories that exist there. I am looking for a command similar to the Unix find command. Is there something like this available?

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While theoretically possible I'm not aware of any ftp-client to support this.

EDIT: As idursun pointed out Total Commander can do it.

It's not possible with regular ftp, but if you have a shell account you can login with ssh or putty and use find.

If you really have only ftp-access you could try to list all directories recursively to a file and then grep.

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Total Commander can do that. Connect to ftp using the built-in ftp client and perform a normal search (Alt+F7) in the ftp tab.

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There's lftp too. You can perform things like :

lftp> find . | grep WORD
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Some FTPd have a file database that can be queried:> site search foo
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While there are ways to do this way client side, for example by getting a directory listing, and looping through those directory to get a list; theres no way to do this server side without altering the ftpd code. You arent in a shell server side, you certainly arent spawning a shell server side, so you cant use any commands server side that arent provided by the ftp server, as other answers show.

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Mount the ftp folder locally using curlftpfs.

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