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I have vyataa router on VMware with 2 interfaces eth0 and eth1

eth0 is facing the internet

eth0 is in Nat mode with dhcp on

eth1 is in bridged mode with my ethernet with ip

The ethernet card is at ip

i have defined the nat rule. Hence internet is available at eth1 too.

Now i am connecting a wireless router at "eth1" iball router, I have connected the router using a cable to the ethernet interface of my laptop.

I have configured the WAN connection type as "Static IP" and given ""

All the clients that connect using wireless router cannot connect to the internet though.

Could anyone provide me a solution for this..

Thank You!!

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"WAN connection type as "Static IP" and given """ - if this is the configuration on your router, then it looks like you may have an IP conflict with "eth1 is in bridged mode with my ethernet with ip"

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