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I'm trying to set up the AJAX Push Engine, and I've run into some complications using apache. All I want to do, is whenever I go to some address (e.g. *, forward it to some other address (e.g.

My httpd-vhosts.conf looks like this...

NameVirtualhost *

<VirtualHost *>
    ProxyPass /

But if I ping, it doesn't give me the IP address of

What is it that I am missing? If there is an easier way to do this without apache, I'm all ears: I had previously tried to just edit the hosts file, but apparently host files can't contain wildcards.


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if I ping, it doesn't give me the IP address of

The IP address you get for is returned by a DNS server. If you can edit the DNS record for, then you can get that domain name to resolve to the IP of your choice.

If you just need to do some local testing, then you can edit your hosts file, so your machine will resolve any hostname to any IP you like, but doing that only affects your own machine.

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