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I'm a computer tech at my high school, and our technologically-superior head just got fired. He just set up a Linux FOG server before he left, and we have to re-image all the computers in the school every year, which is abotu 500 for our high school and 300 for our junior high school, so it's a lot to do manually. My dillema lies in the fact that whatever hardware we have that stores memory over the network only holds about 40 gigs. I was wondering two things: when you upload an image to be cloned in FOG, that's where it would be held, right? On the network's HD. Also, if that's the case, how would you increase the network's memory capacity to allow an increase? Thanks.

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i'm not sure to understand your question. does the FOG server have a 40GB disk? or are the images limited to 40GB each? – Javier Jun 30 '11 at 19:00
It's not "Network memory" it's hard disk space on the server where the images are stored, which is probably the image where fog is installed. – Sorpigal Jun 30 '11 at 20:58