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We are using SubVersion to manage a big project, every one normally has to lock a file before to modify it, but on some new machine with Window 7 and SVN 64 bit also with this directive in the config file:

 ** = svn:needs-lock=true
 *.* = svn:needs-lock=true*

If a user with one of this new machine create a new file, this file will remain editable in every moment also without lock and without locking it and than causing a conflict.

How can I solve it?

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Eek. Merge, don't lock; this ain't CVS.

Likely the config file isn't actually being applied for whatever reason - where is this file located? You'll also need to make sure that enable-auto-props is set somewhere in the config.

To ensure that all your files have that property set regardless of client misconfiguration, add a pre-commit hook that rejects the commit if it's not present.

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