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Using ParallellsDesktop6

I'm trying to reproduce a webmaster-server relationship.

My Guest is Debian 6, with apache server

My Host is Mac OsX 10.6

Until now I'm able to see the guest's apache's "It works" page from host's browser.

Just great !

Now I would like to go next step : use the file system from my host, served by the guest. That is actually : the guest apache will serve web pages using files from the host.

One solution I can think of is to copy-paste files from my host to my guest, using the shared folders as a gateway, and that's not really a solution, is it ?

But maybe you guys know a better way ?

Is it possible to make some kind of symbolic link ( but link what? ) or any other stuff that allow to use host's filesystem from inside the guest's filesystem AND without having to move the host's filesystem ?

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Ok, I did it, here is how :

First go to the menu : Virtual Machine > configure > Options > Sharing Then choose Share Folders: None Click Custom Folders and pick the folder on your host were all websites are located. ( Leave Smart Mount's checkbox checked ). Click Ok.

Now install Parallels Tools ( this step took me along time ).

Last, I used virtualhosts from the guest :

<VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot /media/psf/mywebsites/irockwheniwant
    ServerName irockwheniwant

And that's it. May the fun begin now.

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