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Having an issue with deploying windows 7 through WDS on Windows Server 2003.

I can boot to the PXE fine, have captured an image connects through DHCP fine. Capture image is on the WDS server, modified etc.

I run into an issue when actually trying to install an image to a PC. It loads, sees the boot image, appears to load the boot image, then during the "Starting Windows" screen, after about 10 seconds it throws an error. "WdsClient: There was a problem initializing wds mode"

I've tried recreating the boot image, using a discover image, all to no avail.

I've seen this question asked before on other boards, but no answers posted.

Any Thoughts?

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I've seen a few posts on this and some mention that the install image does not have the appropriate network drivers. Not the case here, Shift+f10 opens a command prompt, I have an IP address and can ping the WDS server by IP and FQDN – Bolson32 Jul 1 '11 at 18:59
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Someone must've attempted to configure pxeboot before this and on our DHCP server they had previously configured option 067 to use This would not work for some reason and when I changed the boot image under option 67 to use it magically worked.

The above link is a technet article on configuring network boot properly. Not really sure as to why this would allow me to capture using that boot image, but not install. But hey, it works.

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