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I have to add redirect rules for several thousand IP ranges but I am complete newbie when it comes to IP tables and want to make sure I got this right..

-t nat
-p tcp
-m iprange --src-range 111.222.333.64-111.222.333.140
--dport 25 -j REDIRECT --to 1025

If I understand correctly, that will forward any IP between 111.222.333.64 and 111.222.333.140 that was destined for port 25 to redirect instead to port 1025, is this correct?

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You are right about what you said in regard to this rule, but there is one important thing that should be said.

Using REDIRECT, will redirect this type of traffic to the firewall machine itself not to the original destination IP address. If you want to change only the destination port (not the IP as well), you need to use DNAT target instead.

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