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For sometime now I have been trying to move away from godaddy, now I would like to switch from godaddy to easydns but I have a few questions,

assuming my domain is somedomain.com, contact email on the domain is me@somedomain.com hosted on google apps, so my first question is, is this gonna be a problem during the transfer? should i expect mail outages or change contact info during the transfer?

The site is hosted using github pages, should expect outages during the transfer?

plus whois info is a bit old (contains old address) is this a problem?

plus any other thing I need to know before I initiate the transfer?

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As the new DNS provider has to add the DNS entries for your domain, before he could start the transfer, there should be no outage at all.

Of course, mistakes could happen, like wrong entries, but thats very unlikely.

You could ask your new provider to update the whois info directly, that should be no problem.

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