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I have a large backup of an old web-server that I can only SSH into. I need to be able to locate the location of the email accounts, address books and any email that was caught on the server at the time of the backup. The server was running centOS, cpanel with horde/squirrel/roundcube mail clients.

I've had a cursory look through the file structure but rather approach it folder by folder I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction a little faster. So, where do I need to go looking for the email account information, my priority is accessing the address book and email stored in the account.

Many thanks in advance.


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The file you are looking for is probably called horde.sql and is located in /cpanel-name/mysql/horde.sql

Typing locate horde.sql | more should also do a search if the location is not obvious.

Thanks muchly, found the .sql and the info. – Tayark Jul 6 '11 at 18:05

Check /home/{cpanel-username}/mail. That should at least be your starting point.

  • David

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