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i try to use a Cisco C3550 24 EMI to split a single Hostaddress from a 26er subnet. My idea is, on one port i connect the cable to the 26er subnet (vlanWAN for example), on the second port i connect the firewall for most of the IPs (vlanLAN for example) and now on the third Port i connect the single host i try to split (vlanCustomer1 for example).

By the way my idea is, to set allow/disallow for each IP in the subnet. So to Port 3 (vlanCustomer1) i allow only 1IP and the rest to port 2 (vlanLAN) and on Port1 (vlanWAN) i allow all IPs. Is that possible?

Any suggestion?

Regards Rene

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It sure sounds like you want some type of VACL setup. Here is more info on Cisco's VACL capabilities:

Although if you have EMI you could probably do this in simple ACLs as well. Here is some more info on ACLs:

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