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I have a debian virtual server. I connect via either:

  • WinSCP using SFTP
  • FileZilla using FTP

The problem I am having is that when editing a file FileZilla always adds the incorrect 'Last Modified' - 2 hours

The strange thing is that WinSCP works perfectly. Is this a setting in FileZilla or on my server.

I use Pure-FTPd if this helps.

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It's possible the user under which the FTP daemon is running has the wrong timezone set. Check if the system timezone was updated, but the server not rebooted / ftp daemon / inetd not restarted. Depending on which user the FTP daemon runs as, it could be that account which has the wrong timezone setup.

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Worked perfect thanks. Reference: This command: /usr/bin/tzselect – John Magnolia Jul 4 '11 at 17:29

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