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In about 2-3 weeks I'm getting an old AS/400 server (something 9406, probably 6xx or 8xx) to learn OS/400 from administrators point of view.

Will I need some special hardware to connect and do IPL (and probably install OS/400)?

UPDATE: I dont have access to any twinaxial console or a way to obtain it.

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I don't believe you need anything really special. Ours has a dumb terminal connected to the back with twinax, but I am under the impression you can IPL it with just the operator panel on the front. The hardware is not really my thing, so don't take this as golden - just things I've gleaned over the years talking about it with the guy that has IPL'ed it a few times for updates and such. I'm positive there is more to it than pressing a few buttons (start QINTER and other subsystems etc.), but it is in my server room, and I'm almost certain we have nothing special required to IPL the thing. – Ben Pilbrow Jul 4 '11 at 19:40

There are primarily 3 types of console connections on the AS/400:

  • Twinax console - Legacy connection requiring a 5250 compatible terminal or hardware emulator using twinaxial cabling
  • LAN console - Common IBM Access operations console software over ethernet
  • HMC console - High-end hardware console for managing partitions (virtualization)

Which one(s) you have will depend on the hardware configuration.

See System i Information (hardware) and IBM i Information Center (software) for more information.

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Console connections via modem are also possible for those times when one must connect remotely. – Allen Nov 1 '11 at 20:40

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