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I am using Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) to create an SSIS package. Take into account that is my first attempt with SSIS.

I want to take data from a Source database elaborate them and put in a Destination database. In the elaboration task I need also data from the Destination database.

In the Data Flow I have two "objects" a Source and a Destination. In the Source I created a query that takes data from the Source database.

Then I added a Script Component between the two.

The problems that I encounter are two:

1) How can I call from my script the
result of the query?

2) How can I also get the data from
the destination (it allows me to
connect up to 1 arrow to the script)

3) How can I write the elaborated data in the destination?

I hope you can help me, because I am quite lost.

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