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After i was told by my server providers support staff to swtich to FastCGI from Apache php support, i later found out that mod_deflate stopped working, it was working fine before the switch. My static files were delivered without being gzipped. I did a grep via ssh for mod_deflate in my httpd.conf and the module wasn't commented out.

I was advised to make the switch because of permission errors on my WordPress install. All my plugins were creating files/folders that were owned by apache. I'm not sure if this was the proper course of action, it definitely solved the permission problems, and all files/folders which are created now are owned by my ftp user.

I'd rather stick to what I've got configured on my vps instead of moving to things such as php-fpm, any suggestions on how to resolve this problem internally?

Thanks in advance.

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I seem to have solved the problem. The problem was that AddOutputFilterByType was wrapped around <IfModule mod_filter.c> in my .htaccess file, which worked when i was using Apache php support.

I'm really not sure how these modules are loaded on specific circumstances. Perhaps someone can explain to me what just happened through the comments? Thanks!

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