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Something went very badly wrong when copying and pasting some files (not quite sure what!). I now have sevral files within a tree of directories. ie (C:\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender\BtSender)

When trying to delete them I get the below error;

"The source filename(s) are larger than is supported by the filesystem. Try moving to a location which has a shorter path name or try renaming to shorter names(s_ before attempting this opperation"

I need to delete them as the folder is taking up several gigs.

The only way I have found of deleting them is moving a folder to the C drive and deleting it from there. There are several folders with each folder so doing this for each one would take forever.

Im using server 2008

Any ideas?

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Start from the parent folder (the first BTSender folder) and rename it to 1 and try to delete it. If you get the same message then rename the first child level folder to 1 and try again. Keep doing this until you're able to delete the entire set of folders. I've used this method many times to shorten a path in order to delete a set of folders and it's rarely taken renaming more than a handful of folders to get to the point where the path was shorten enough to delete the entire set of folders.

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